How-To Home Decor: Antiquing & Thrift Store Shopping

This past weekend I went antiquing for the first time in a long time! It’s so different when you have your own home to decorate. The possibilities really start to open up. I think bargain shopping is one of those things where if you can tap into it, you can save a lot of money and create a unique style in your home in the process. But it’s also very difficult! You have to have an open mind and be willing to put some work into it. Here are some tips I would give you for when you go antiquing:

Have an open mind

There is a reason these items are at the antique store – someone didn’t like something or everything about it, and chances are you will find something wrong with it too. You can always paint if you don’t like the color or switch around hardware. Maybe you like a lamp but you don’t like the shade. So, just buy the lamp as is but replace it with a shade you do like.

Decide whether it’s worth it or not

Just because most of these items are cheap, doesn’t mean you don’t have to weigh out the options. You should ask yourself questions such as: Do I have a use or place for this item? Is it practical and can I make it fit the style of my home? Is the project at hand manageable or would it take more skill that I don’t possess? Because while you may like owls, it may not be attractive to have 20 of them in your home. So weigh out the options.

Decide if you want a friend to go

Growing up, antiquing was always a fun activity to do with a friend. Now that I’m older with a house, that’s not the case! I definitely prefer to go alone. If you are out on a mission to find stuff for your house, other people will put a damper on that dresser you really love but needs some work. Even if they don’t say it, you will feel it internally and you probably won’t buy it. Shopping with friends influences you more than you know!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and are ready to brave the world of antiquing! If you have any tips and tricks you use feel free to comment below!


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