Simple Home

Last winter my boyfriend Andrew bought a house. His first home, and our first home when we get married. The house was a fixer-upper and took four months until it was livable! Of course I was excited to decorate and implement some of the ideas I had for the house, along with a compost pile and garden (which we haven’t gotten to yet). Here are some before and after pictures! Enjoy!

We got rid of the ugly wood paneling, put in new countertops, and new tile flooring. With plants and a few decorative touches, it already feels more cozy.

My favorite part of the house is the kitchen opening up to the living room. We added a bar area on the living room side of the counter and mason jar lights now hang where the outdated fixture used to be. It all adds to the rustic and simple feel we were going for.


We ripped up the carpet to find there was hardwood floors underneath! They are in pretty good condition, too! The finishing touch will be a rug for  the living room and kitchen. I want an oriental rug, and I am kind of holding out because rugs are so expensive!

I hope this gave you a general idea of the work we’ve done to the house. I will post more detailed pictures later, but for now I just wanted to show the basics. Obviously, everyone has different styles. I am personally not a fan of the cookie cutter housing developments. To be able to make a house personalized and unique is a gift in itself. If you do it this way, the cheaper and more unique way, you will find your dream house won’t come overnight. But it will be a fun journey adding pieces here and there, tweaking and adjusting to see what you like best.

Stay tuned for my next post where I give you some tips on antiquing!