Floral Arrangements: A Simple Tutorial

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Before I worked at a flower shop, I had no idea how floral arrangements were really done. At least the kind not in vases. At Flowers of the Good Earth, we always use fresh flowers for weddings, funerals, school events, etc. We rarely use silks. So how they made fresh flowers, say in a basket, was beyond me.

Turns out, you soak special green florists foam (which I’m sure you could find at Hobby Lobby or the like) in water, then stick your flowers in that. Who knew?! Your flowers can be in a pretty basket and still soak up all the water they need. Of course they don’t last forever, but they last longer than they would if they were not in water.

For this floral arrangement, I am making alter flowers for various churches in Lancaster. But the concept is useful for any arrangement you want to do!

You will need:

Some type of green filler (I used leatherleaf)

Green florists foam


Any flowers you want! (I used white carnations with 2 accent flowers)


1. Start with your foam. If you need to cut it to fit a container (like I did), I would suggest cutting it while it’s dry that way it won’t make a big mess. Next, soak your foam in water. About 5 minutes, or until bubbles stop coming up.

2. Once you have your foam ready, start with your greenery. I usually start with a large piece to establish height at the back. Then, you’re basically just layering down from there. You want it to look natural and flow. Sort of how ferns come out in waves, it should look like that.

3. Now you’re ready to work with the flowers you’ve chosen. The placement of flowers varies depending on what you’re making the arrangement for. In this case, these churches are very particular and they like things neat and symmetrical. In any case, you want to make sure your flowers are spaced far enough apart and you need to establish some height. But play around with it and see what you like!

And that’s it! Pretty simple, right?! It only requires patience and a good eye. It’s creating a work of art out of flowers and letting others enjoy the beauty!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I have a wreath tutorial planned that will come just in time for the holidays, so be on the lookout for that! Comments? Questions? I would love to hear from you!



A day In The Life of a Florist – Flowers of the Good Earth

This little bird is one of many in the shop!

This stage of life I am in right now is so exciting! For once, I am doing something for myself. I wanted to share this journey with you! After 4 years of college and 1 year of banking, I figured out what I want to do (gasp!). I never thought I would get to that point. Actually, I think I knew all along what I wanted to do but I was too busy pleasing every one else.

I quit my job at the bank to enjoy a much slower pace of life. Of course this doesn’t mean I don’t want to work. I just want to work doing something I enjoy. I took a part time job at a flower shop here in town and I am also starting a business with my good friend Sarah. Check us out at Slow Living Blog. So, life is pretty good right now. For the first time I feel like I am on track!

The flower shop is called Flowers of the Good Earth and it is so charming! The inside is so beautiful with arrangements on display everywhere. They keep birds which keep you company with their chirping all day. There are two cats in back (that used to roam the store but because of cleanliness issues, they spend the majority of their time in a back room) and chickens outside that lay eggs which the owners then sell. Outside is all the outdoor plants as well as baskets, chimes, and garden decor. Don’t get me wrong, it can get very busy and hectic. But overall, it is a relaxing place to work. Much better than a bank!

I wanted to show you some pictures of this super charming shop and encourage you all to follow your dreams as well!!

This is the “backyard.” It’s nice to be able to go outside and work on a nice day!


plant nursery
The outdoor nursery. These plants desperately need moved back to the greenhouse because it’s getting cold!!




The above picture is probably my favorite part about working here. Not only are there cats and birds to keep us company throughout the day, but chickens right on the property that provide us with eggs as well! Of course they’re not free – $2.50 a dozen. But now, I know where my eggs are coming from. The chickens aren’t cramped together where they step in another chicken’s feces and are so fat they can’t walk. It makes me feel good knowing they are healthy chickens when I go to eat an egg! And the convenience of having eggs right at work can’t be beat!



If you can see in this picture, each egg is a little different shade of brown and they are varying sizes. Definitely not store bought!


destaminating lilies
When the lilies come in, we have to destaminate them. They are those brown “caps” on the ends there. Once they open up if the caps are left on they create this powdery orange substance on the lily that makes it unattractive.


Orders can pile up here at Flowers of the Good Earth!


I bet many people think working at a flower shop would be relaxing and laid back. I know I certainly did. But it can get crazy! At least at Flowers of the Good Earth the to-do list can quickly pile up with orders. Funerals, weddings, prom, etc. We do it all! But when I look at the two owners, I can definitely tell they take pride in their work every day. Sure, it can get busy. But when you are doing something you love and are called to do, it makes it all worth it. Thinking about starting my own business is daunting! But I would rather work at something I love than live out my existence in an office chair!

I hope I gave you some inspiration to do whatever you love. And it’s never too late to make that leap! Please feel free to comment with any of your experiences or inspirations! And, if you ever find yourself in little Lancaster, OH, come on by the shop and say hi!

– Adele