Made from Scratch | Make Your Own Holiday Wreath


Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are all prepared for today’s festivities! There’s nothing more warm or comforting than spending quality time with the people we love. Even though I love Thanksgiving, I’m really looking forward to Christmas! And if there’s one thing I despise most during the Christmas season, it’s tacky and fake decorations. There is so much beauty in the natural world and it is just waiting to be discovered. You could pay around $20 for a pre-made wreath that doesn’t look that great anyway, or a couple bucks for a wreath you can make yourself. All you need is a wire or wooden frame, some scissors, and twine. Most of all you need some greenery. Real pine is free and it’s beautiful. The only downside is the needles fall off like crazy after a while. So, if you want your wreath to last until next season, you can do fake pine. You’ll still save money by doing it yourself.

Other than saving money, why would anyone want to make their own wreath? Nobody has time for that. Just go to the store and buy one, right? Well, it’s all about being more connected to our surroundings and appreciating what goes into making a product. Convenience has become our alma mater in the United States, particularly. The truth is someone somewhere had to take the time to make that wreath. And we take their handiwork for granted as we snatch up that product before someone else has the chance to get it. Although I don’t make everything myself, I do try as much as possible to take the load off others.




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The beauty of wreath making is the possibilities of how you want it to look are truly endless! A few weeks ago, I made a simple foraged pine wreath with some dried flowers I stuck in for embellishment. But I knew I wanted to expand on that. This time I did an off-set wreath with blue spruce and holly berries. I also did a wreath with Italian Ruscus I had leftover from my gathering. The only greenery that cost me anything was the Italian Ruscus; everything else was foraged.

Something else kinda cool is hydrangea wreaths. The bunches of hydrangea create a lush and beautiful wreath. Since hydrangea can range from brown to green to pink in color, you may want to spray paint it to give it an even color. Or, you can let it keep its natural color. After that, you can decorate with pine cones or berries if you’d like.

And once you start doing wreaths, you’ll want to do other natural decor too like garlands and swags, and maybe a real Christmas tree instead of a fake one (trust me, that’s all on my list for this season).








My main point out of all of this (other than to show you pretty wreaths) is to demonstrate that the Christmas season can be less hectic if you choose it to be. Foraging and making things from scratch forces you to slow down. You can’t do this stuff well in a hurry. I know as I was making these, I appreciated the nature God provides and the ability to work with my hands to create something beautiful.

It’s not about being like Martha Stewart as my dad so lovingly puts it (although she does have a lot of good ideas). It’s about getting back to our roots and living how we were meant to live; in touch with our surroundings and working with our hands. We’ve become so desensitized by our modern culture that we no longer appreciate where something came from, how it was made, etc. It’s time to turn the tides on that. You can make a difference just by choosing to make something from scratch instead of buying it from a store.

I hope I gave you some inspiration for your “made from scratch” Christmas! What are some of your favorite wreath designs?

Have a lovely Thanksgiving everyone!

Cheers! – Adele


Floral Arrangements: A Simple Tutorial

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Before I worked at a flower shop, I had no idea how floral arrangements were really done. At least the kind not in vases. At Flowers of the Good Earth, we always use fresh flowers for weddings, funerals, school events, etc. We rarely use silks. So how they made fresh flowers, say in a basket, was beyond me.

Turns out, you soak special green florists foam (which I’m sure you could find at Hobby Lobby or the like) in water, then stick your flowers in that. Who knew?! Your flowers can be in a pretty basket and still soak up all the water they need. Of course they don’t last forever, but they last longer than they would if they were not in water.

For this floral arrangement, I am making alter flowers for various churches in Lancaster. But the concept is useful for any arrangement you want to do!

You will need:

Some type of green filler (I used leatherleaf)

Green florists foam


Any flowers you want! (I used white carnations with 2 accent flowers)


1. Start with your foam. If you need to cut it to fit a container (like I did), I would suggest cutting it while it’s dry that way it won’t make a big mess. Next, soak your foam in water. About 5 minutes, or until bubbles stop coming up.

2. Once you have your foam ready, start with your greenery. I usually start with a large piece to establish height at the back. Then, you’re basically just layering down from there. You want it to look natural and flow. Sort of how ferns come out in waves, it should look like that.

3. Now you’re ready to work with the flowers you’ve chosen. The placement of flowers varies depending on what you’re making the arrangement for. In this case, these churches are very particular and they like things neat and symmetrical. In any case, you want to make sure your flowers are spaced far enough apart and you need to establish some height. But play around with it and see what you like!

And that’s it! Pretty simple, right?! It only requires patience and a good eye. It’s creating a work of art out of flowers and letting others enjoy the beauty!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I have a wreath tutorial planned that will come just in time for the holidays, so be on the lookout for that! Comments? Questions? I would love to hear from you!